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Founded in January 2002 in Santa Clarita, CA, Overland Traffic Consultants have emerged as a reliable, highly-revered team of traffic engineers focused on providing solutions and finding answers to the wide range of traffic and transportation issues. With decades of experience in both the private and public sectors and a strong grasp of local traffic engineering, Overland Traffic Consultants are dedicated to offering the best transportation planning services available.


Jerry Overland

Prior to incorporating Overland Traffic Consultants, Mr. Overland was employed by a private traffic engineering firm as a senior traffic engineer where he managed multiple transportation studies and design projects throughout the Southern California area. Before his tenure in the private sector, he began his engineering career with the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation preparing traffic signals, roadway striping/signing plans, reviewing traffic studies, and community outreach.

Liz Culhane-Fleming

Ms. Culhane-Fleming is a registered traffic engineer with over 30 years of experience in the transportation engineering field.  She has extensive background in both the public and private sectors through her participation in a broad range of public hearings, development reviews, traffic sections of environmental impact reports, mitigation of negative declarations, subdivisions, and other forms of the entitlement process.  Additionally, she has participated in numerous development teams providing valuable input on traffic generation, intersection and street segment analysis, transit analysis, transportation demand management, and parking site access and circulation.